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Thursday, June 5

War Drums With Iran- Here we go again... but first let's gush

From Alternet: "The May 8 letter from U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to George W. Bush received virtually no media coverage, in spite of the fact that it warned the president that an attack on Iran without Congressional approval would be grounds for impeachment. Rumor has it several senators have been briefed about the possibility of war with Iran."

Two world leaders with very low approval ratings and not feeling love from their countrymen at least got together to gush all over each other in the White House (Raw Story)
"I loved my trip to Israel. It was really a meaningful trip. And a lot of it had to do with your gracious hospitality," said Bush. "So I welcome you back here to Washington. You come back as my friend. I'm glad to see my friend."

"From a personal point of view, I can only say that I admire you friendship and your commitment and your emotions as they were expressed in such a powerful manner in your visit to the state of Israel," said Olmert.

"Israel loves you and Laura very much," said the premier.
... and whine about Iran being a "threat" to peace. No talk about solving the Palestinian crisis by year end though.
"Iran is an existential threat to peace, and it's very important for the world to take the Iranian threat seriously, which the United States does," said Bush, while Olmert called Tehran "the main threat to all of us."
Luckily this may be Olmert's last visit to the US while in office since he "faces a chorus of calls at home" to resign from office.

Meanwhile, Israel has other fish to fry: Al-Qaida's No.2 urges holy war over Gaza Strip

And also meanwhile, All the candidates in the House say yeah to Israel or I'd rather be anti-American than anti-Israel
Republican presidential candidate McCain is opening this year's AIPAC jamboree; Clinton and Obama are closing it on Wednesday. Walt and Mearsheimer's verdict on the dangerous liaisons between presidential candidates and AIPAC remains unimpeachable: "None of the candidates is likely to criticize Israel in any significant way or suggest that the US ought to pursue a more evenhanded policy in the region. And those who do will probably fall by the wayside."

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