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Saturday, June 7

Uh,oh! Watch what you copy onto your iPod!

US seeks intrusive copyright powers

“…the treaty suggests that customs officers should be given the right to search laptops and media players for pirated material.

Such officers would be able to confiscate and destroy anything they believe to be pirated, fine the owner and confiscate the equipment.”

Another "hurry and get it passed before the Democrats win in November" Big Business law who care only about themselves. It's now a worse penalty to copy music than kill somebody. What ever happened to that amendment on unusual punishment? A person could lose their home and the rest of their earnings for the rest of their life for copying music. But if you kill someone and are a really good prisoner, you can get out in less than 7 years in many cases, you can be rehabilitated at our expense, have the gov help you find a job and in some cases provide healthcare for you because you suffered in prison.

But copy the RIAA's music or MPAA's movies and pay for it the rest of your life.

Sounds fair to me.

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