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Wednesday, June 11

Torture Hearings Obstructed by Republicans

As I was reading and researching all the information about US Torture and the inquiry into just how ineffective and awful it is, I became more and more incensed. This is going to backfire.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been meeting for hearings on “Coercive Interrogation Techniques: Do They Work, Are They Reliable, and What Did the FBI Know About Them?”

Torture by Americans Recruits New Jihadists

Testifying for the FBI, Jack Cloonan deplored the torture tactics and concluded that this helped to recruit a new generation of jihadist martyrs. While I wanted to smack Lynndie England and start pretending I was Canadian, for her smirk at the stack of naked bodies, Cloonan believes that the picture screams out for revenge on Americans. He also emphasized that torture methods of interrogation are unreliable.

Conservatives think that rapport building interrogation is for girls.

For some reason, conservative Americans believe that torture works despite evidence to the contrary. I'm not sure if this means that conservatives are mean people or just because they cling to a way of life that was popular hundreds of years ago because of some sort of mental block. While experts believe that relationship-building interrogation works better, these R's insist that coercion works despite the facts. They call torture critics those who advocate the Oprah Winfrey Methods of interrogation. Well they work better.

The Brits Believe Waterboarding is Torture

From Think Progress: another man who testified to the Senate Judiciary Committe was British international law professor Philippe Sands said that waterboarding is “torture in all circumstances”:
There’s no one I can think of in the United Kingdom who would not immediately conclude that the use of waterboarding, which is creating the misperception of suffocation, is torture in all circumstances.
In his book Torture Team, released in May, Sands wrote that the “architects of torture” in the Bush administration have refused to acknowledge that they were “complicit in the commission of a crime.”

This takes teh cake. Republican Obstruction AGAIN!

While Phillipe Sands was testifying, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) used an objection to force the Senate into recess and disrupt the hearing. See this post with details. This is a rare tactic to use to stall a hearing, but as usual, the R's will do anything to obstruct that which is good. Think Progress reports that "In fact, just today, they blocked a measure taxing Big Oil’s windfall profits and another that would have extended tax credits for renewable energy sources."

Harry Reid is pissed off at the obstruction and is determined for the American people to know what abuses are being done in their name. Go Harry.

I can't even believe that this topics even bears discussion in my country. Where do I live? What happened? Was I sleeping for 50 years?

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