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Tuesday, June 17

Took the states long enough

But I think this is kind of good news from the Boston Globe.

Florida's election fiasco in 2000 prompted many states to adopt electronic touch-screen voting systems, but after a spate of malfunctions and meltdowns in 2004 and 2006, paper ballots are making a big comeback.

At least 55 percent of American voters this fall will mark their choice for president on paper ballots that will then be read and tabulated by optical scanning devices - nearly double the percentage in 2000, according to Virginia-based Election Data Services, a consulting firm that has been tracking voting technology since 1980.

Electronic touch-screen voting will decline for the first time in eight years, and punchcard ballots, once used by nearly one-third of the electorate, will be used in only 12 counties in Idaho. Read more
Yes, it would be nice if people knew that their votes sort of, kind of counted in an election and it's really no wonder there is so much voter apathy. I have it. We use 100 year old lever type machines where I am. Not sure how accurate they are either, but at least NY goes blue in presidential elections if nothing else.

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