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Wednesday, June 4

Teens sending nude photos via cell phones.......SURPRISE SUPRISE SURPRISE! - not

Doesn't shock me a bit. I spend a lot of time with kids. Recently, I've been a chaperone on a lot of school bus trips for the middle and high school kids in our town. I gotta tell you my friends....... I have never seen a more narcissistic generation in my life. The cell phone is more or less a camera toy/typewriter with most kids and The MySpace and FaceBook is pretty much a photo gallery for teens.

I do think, however, that headlines such as these will just fuel this "phenomenon" if it really exists at all. My 17 year old just got home from school and I asked her if she heard about this. She just looked at me like "what - are you kidding?" "I've NEVER heard of anyone sending nude photos around via cell phone."

Here's the story from good ole Hartford, CT

It seems that Fox News had the first story about this a few months ago. I never heard about it then. Now it appears to be making the headlines all over the place.

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