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Thursday, June 26

SC overturns DC's Gun Ban

I just heard on NPR that the SC ruled that citizens in the District of Columbia have the right to own hand guns for their protection and that it would violate the Second Amendment to put restrictions on gun owners. More at Raw Story and more at Think PRogress

Is this a slippery slope? What does this mean for cities like New York where there are very strict gun laws? Will everyone start packing? Will it be a blood bath? When a simple, "fuck you, you fuckin' aye-hole," if someone accidentally bumps into you on the subway would once suffice, will citizens start whipping out their weapons?

Waddaya think?

See Also Rewriting the Rules at Newsweek:
The Heller ruling was the first major Second Amendment case decided by the high court in almost 70 years and hung on a 5-4 majority. The amendment states that citizens' rights to own guns are necessary to form a "well regulated militia," but the city's lawyers argued that the Constitution's framers probably didn't have D.C.'s high gun-violence rate in mind when they wrote the text. Attorneys for Dick Heller, the federal security officer at the center of the case, who was prohibited from keeping a loaded gun in his house, argued that the text is very clear, and that Heller's rights had been unconstitutionally infringed.

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