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Sunday, June 29

'nother gubmint hoax!

Aw Joisey,
Hate to burst your bubble but you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show!

If’n you and youse friends are plannin’ to go “up there” to get some good property, you might as well invest in Florida Desert! Because…….

It’s all a hoax! There’s no northwest passage! What there is, is a hole…an entrance to the inside of the earth! Yes sir! All these years we’ve been duped by our gubermint when all the facks are right in front of our eyes. This here foto shows the actual North “Hole”; the picture NASA doesn’t want youse all to see!

Remember all those old stories about ships sailin’ off the edge of the world? Well, here’s proof, ‘cept they just sailed into the insides of the earth, never to be seen agin, ‘cause there’s an advanced race o' legal aliens in there what don’t want’s us to know about them yet!

Hollow Earth

And while we’re on the subject of things the gubmint keeps from us, here’s ‘nother site that explains EVERYTHING!
Boy, those ‘fficials sure are good a keepin’ sekrits!

An Eye on Our World

These faks ought to quiet ALL those gubmint types tryin' to debunk real, honest to Goshen Theories!

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