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Thursday, June 5

The NEW Racism

We need a new term to describe racism. Until recently, it has meant basically, dislike of different races because of the color of skin and cultural or imagined intellectual differences. But now we have a whole subculture of racism within racism and it affects whites, blacks, minorities and sexes.

No longer is racism restricted to skin color but is more apparent in sub divisions OF those skin colors.

The new racism includes, but is not limited to, religious intolerance toward others even of your own faith but especially toward those of differing faiths, different gender, hypocrisy, class standing, community standing, job positions, personal wealth, how much you make, where you live and the value of your home compared to others, the type and newness of your car and how many you own and how many you have for your children, how well you provide for your children, your level of education compared to others, friends you associate with and those who only agree with your beliefs, disdain or outright hatred of anyone “different” from you such as gays, lesbians or immigrants who might in your mind constitute some imaginable, but probably non-existent threat, physical appearance and capabilities, personal beliefs, degrees of patriotism. The list becomes longer with each passing day.

All of this has been a direct result of intentionally increasing the schism of human nature and supported by those desiring power but more aptly by the NeoCon movement. It seems to have reached full power with the advent of George W. Bush, the Uniter.

Not only content to continue stereotypical racism, he and his party have emphasized, enhanced and encouraged a type of micro-nationalized suspicion and distrust in people of the same race. No longer is it merely acceptable to be suspicious of blacks or whites or to suppress hatred or fear or loathing of them, now anyone of the same color but with a differing view of life or opinion from yours may be undermining...something.

Be wary!

You don’t support an illegal war; you are probably a traitor to America.

You worship the same God as other Christians but listen to the rantings of another's clergy; you are not a true Christian, not one of “theirs.”

You aren’t a Christian and follow another faith; you aren’t to be trusted and should emmigrate.

You follow no faith; you have no business in a country founded by and for God-fearing people who would gleefully, in the hypocrisy of their religion, deport or execute you for being an infidel.

You weren’t born in this country; you don’t deserve any benefits of this land.

You want free healthcare and don’t support tax breaks for Big Pharma; you are a socialist.

You want to save the environment; you have no regard for business.

You support one candidate because of gender but not the other; you are a misogynist or sexist.

You disagree with the policies of a president no matter how insane they may be; you ARE a traitor.

Many more examples could be provided. The list is as long as the divisiveness it created. What might be worst of all is this disunity was enhanced deliberately by a group of self-centered, megalomaniacs in the position to advance their own greed and power.

Yet none of this could have been accomplished without the help of our once free press. Time and again the press could have intervened and stopped the madness but chose to do nothing. People in charge of news organizations who decided to implement the will of the architects of this hatred are guilty of promoting this new racism. Those who obeyed instructions are no better than the order-takers of a by-gone era.

The generation of the 1960s who wanted to unite the world through peace and love has now become the very essence of what they hated. That they may have been manipulated by the “system” is irrelevant. Their sacrifice of those ideals changed in the 1980s when greed became good. “I got mine, you get yours,” was the new creed of these Quislings. And that set the stage for the transition for the current Powers That Be.

Sadly, we now more openly envy, suspect, despise, fear and hate those of our own color(s) in addition to other colors, thanks to the efforts to elevate these feelings of and by a group of Right Wing Radicals over a period of years.

Racism is so 20th Century. Maybe the new racism term I’m looking for is…

a 21st Century American.

Does any of this make any sense?

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