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Wednesday, June 4

Let the racism begin

If Hillary is officially out of the race, I for one will not miss the overt misogyny on the nightly news and from the cable new punditry. I could see it on their faces that they were clenching their little packages tightly between their thighs when they had to speak of her. I'll exhale a sigh of relief for that, but not because I'm happy that Hillary lost and Obama won. I was both an Obama and Hillary supporter (and yes even a Nader supporter in a way). The Democratic race brought out the worst in politics and in Americans who want change. I'm kind of sad today. (See Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories)

Now the overt racism will take the place of the overt misogyny (unless of course Clinton becomes the VP). Perhaps it would be a winning ticket if the party could unite while the media pigs can kill 2 birds with one stone with anti-women and anti-black sentiment combined. All we needed was one of the candidates to be gay to really hit a home run. If Obama and Clinton occupy the WH for 4 years, think of how exhausted you'll be while the next witch hunt goes on. It could be even worse than during the Clinton administration. I mean we all know what side the press is on, and that is the corporate side.

I am seriously thinking about joining other bloggers and becoming an Independent even though I've only been a Dem for about a year... but that was enough.

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