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Monday, June 16

Just another reason I am becoming an unintelligent design activist

So I was reading this story at Raw Story about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who defends intelligent design and wants to have it taught as a legitimate scientific discipline in the nation's classrooms. Jindal was a bio major in college interestingly enough, but since he's a "christian" he must feel the need, in my opinion, to check his brains at the door, or something like that based on my general observations.(He is also on McCain's short list for Veep. I hope he goes on the long list because McCain'll lose a lot of white man votes for entertaining such folly. Oh Lordy, it would be so easy to beat down the McCain supporters I know with that one.)

I was thinking about all the terrible natural disasters that have been in the news lately and trying to put myself in the mindset of fundies because I noticed that they've been pretty quiet about what has pissed their god off so much that he'd ravage a boy scout camp. But I've been really thinking about what's so "intelligent" about the way "god" designed the world anyway. I get the free will part and all the aggravation that goes along with it, but not the earthquake, tornado, volcano, cyclone, hurricane, meteor crashing, flash flooding part of creation. People have told me throughout my life that natural disasters are god's way of testing us. Quite frankly, I feel that god has a mean streak a universe long for putting his babies in harms way so very often. We are already our own worst enemies and don't need the earth and the universe to keep eating us up and spitting us out, if you know what I mean.

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