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Friday, June 20

It seems I was a trifle too easy on 105 of the cow-patties that claim to have been elected to defend the Constitution, the country and the Rights of the people who voted for them.
With absolutely no respect for these vermin, please remember that calling and being polite gets you this; increased spying on us and immunity for those who fill the pockets of the most deplorable scum since the founding by the Republican traitors of that "Contract with America."

These "things" who call themselves Democrats are worse than the dog-shit on the bottoms of your shoes; worse than the full ditch beneath an outhouse;maybe even worse than the Republicans themselves. At least we knew the Republicans were lying pieces of shit. These asses stabbed us and our country in the back...and for what?

Nice to see there are no cries of sexism, racism or bias in this vote. These 105 Democratic traitors have done Benedict Arnold a great service by making us and future generations forget his treason.
Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels would look upon these 105 Democratic Quislings...and smile, just like Rove, Cheney and Bush must be smiling!

Let's give a big round of applause to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer for showing us that kissing Bush's ass is more important than protecting the Rights of Americans.
Hip! Hip! Hurray!

Click to enlarge the picture to see names
your children and grandchildren will learn to despise.

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