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Saturday, June 14

Iraqi's Want Their Country Back After All We've Done For (to) Them

Think Progress Reports:

The Iraqi's seem to think that they still own their country. According to CNN's Michael Ware, the Iraqi's when presented with the second draft of the security agreement said that they may take over the war from here and go it alone. What with war profiteers and military industrialists clamoring for even more money, this is a slap in the face to them.
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki remarked, “The American version of the agreement infringes hugely on the sovereignty of Iraq and this is something that we cannot ever accept.”
What could it be that upset the Iraqi's so after we did so much for them?
"The US is trying to push them into a long term security agreement which demands 60 permanent bases, immunity for foreign contractors, control over air space, and authorization for war with Iran."

Such ingrates. What's wrong with that? /snark

This is getting juicy. Stay tuned.

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