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Friday, June 27

I'm Just Stumped. Seriously.

Could someone explain to me the 'logic', and I use the word loosely, behind statements by conservatives that the US will be attacked by 'Islamists' if Obama or any non Republican for that matter becomes president?

Is there anyone out there who can put on their flag lapel pin for us and wrap their brain around such "logic?"

If I even believed for one second that it was 'Islamists' who attacked us on 9/11 under their own volition, they did so under a Republican president who went into war mode against them. Are the 'Islamists' on the side of the very profitable war and oil machine or what? Who are those 'Islamists' anyway? The CIA? Seriously. And somehow I feel that Israel plays into this.

What kind of dumb Americans buy this conservative crappola and how to they wrap their brains around it?

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