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Saturday, June 21

I love not camping

The kids went camping in New Hampshire this weekend. Gawd bless them but it seems like so much work and aggravation. There's no such thing as a leisurely drive to NH from the NY metropolitan area... and to have to set up a tent after hours of grief on the highways, completely baffles me. I kept my mouth shut and helped supply them with gadgets and duct tape. Last summer they stayed in a rental house on Oahu and surfed. I thought renting a house seemed like to much work for a vacation. Checklists really matter when you're roughing it and you have to be prepared for everything that could go wrong and probably will. Thank god for credit cards and motels. But maybe I am just getting old.

My son will also be roughing it for the month of July on Kauai on an archaeology dig, but for some reason that seems more inviting. Well at least we got all the camping equipment out of the garage and know that most of it is in good working order. I wonder how much the airlines will charge him for his bags.

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