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Sunday, June 15

Giuliani: The gift that keeps on giving

Keeps giving NYers agita, that is.

Just when you though it was safe to go in the water, Rudy pops up.

Turns out that "America's Mayor" can't seem to muster up enough support to pay off his own campaign debt ($3.6M) and wants to do it the old fashioned way- to eeeaaaarrrrnnnn it by making personal appearances on behalf of GOP candidates around the country and then he wants a cut of the action. It's unclear how many desperados have taken him up on his "offer."

Now that this story has hit the NY Times, I wonder how many donors will want to contribute to a candidate's fund raiser knowing that Rudy is paying himself back for all the money he pissed away trying to ride 9/11 as an election talking point.

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