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Saturday, June 28

From the Sports Desk

Well, the two sides for the final match of the Euro 2008 Football Championships are set.

Germany faced off against Turkey on Wednesday. The Germans were confident, but the Turks played with a great deal of heart and actually drew level with the favorites 2-2 very late in the match. It looked like another session of extra time for the Turks when Philip Lahm, in the 90th minute, put one into the back of the net for Germany. Final, 3-2 Germany, but Turkey has nothing to hang their heads about.

Russia took the pitch against Spain on Thursday, in filthy weather that degenerated into a driving downpour complete with lightning. A scoreless first half was followed by Spain simply exploding offensively while their defense kept the Russians at bay. Final, 3-0 Spain, setting up their first Euro final match in 24 years.

My pick for the final match on Sunday afternoon? Germany.

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