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Thursday, June 26

Excuse Me ...

But I just had a minor Tinfoil Hat Moment that fed into my native paranoia.

Try this on for size:

1. George Bush and his cronies are doing their utmost to destroy America
2. John McCain is doing his utmost to lose the 2008 election
3. The Republicans are acting as dazed as baby seals after the baseball bat comes down
4. Barack Obama is having a public tussle with James Dobson, and is winning
5. Obama is courting the evangelical vote
6. Obama will not fight the revised FISA Rape Our Constitution law
7. The telcos are footing the bill for 94 of the Dems who turned coats

Now ...

Could it be, do you think:

1. That Bush has been allowed to do these things deliberately
2. That McCain is doing this to his Party deliberately

In order to make Bush and the GOP brand so vilified that Obama will be swept into office with a supermajority in both Houses coupled with the extraConstitutional powers Yoo and Addington have proposed. That would mean that things are fixed so Obama is hailed a savior, when instead we will be merely looking at More of the Same but with prettier packaging.

I await the flames.

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