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Wednesday, May 21

your government is officially insane

While catching up on news at website, quite a few things jumped out at me... stuff that isn't being broadcast on US news thus keeping most Americans in the dark about what is being done in our name:

For instance did you know that the Bush administration pledged that it would supply uranium to Saudi Arabia for nuclear reactors? Interesting that it comes at a time when the US is threatening to invade Iran over its nuclear program... but that's not all, the WH says that the deal "will pave the way for Saudi Arabia’s access to safe, reliable fuel sources for energy reactors and demonstrate Saudi leadership as a positive non-proliferation model for the region.”

Guest Harvey Wasserman on the show, editor of, points out what is most astonishing is that the US assumes that the same government will always be in power in Saudi Arabia so it's perfectly ok for them to have nuclear reactors. What people are forgetting though is that "We have to remember that when the Shah was in power in Iran so many years ago, he was in the process of buying thirty-six reactors, and had those reactors been completed before he fell to the Ayatollah, Iran would now have thirty-six reactors." Indeed. So in 30 years will the same "lovely" Saudi government still be in place?

Furthermore, the price of enriched uranium will go up for nuclear reactors in the US and that if the Saudi's do build a commercial reactor it will come from Japan or France and NOT the US.

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