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Tuesday, May 27

UFO's on the ISS?

It should read Undesired Floating Objects. There is major crises on the International Space Station.
The toilet system is broken. Some problem with the suction plumbing. Does that mean, the toilets are backed up?
Does that mean we have to send the Shuttle? Or send a rescue mission for the astronauts?

I remember the days of the cesspool in my house having occasional "back-ups" That term sounds so innocent, but it must be seen to assess the seriousness of that crisis. (Slimy liquid floating in the basement, up to one's ankle, with brownish colored objects floating randomly)

I can imagine how that back-up behaves in micro-gravity!
One almost needs a windshield wiper.

I know, I know... it's not Friday, but a good laugh always brightens our day.

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