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Monday, May 12

This Is Not Good News

Over in Pakistan, there was a brief bright glimmer of hope last year as President/General Pervez "My 'Stache is Bigger" Musharraf called for new Parliamentary elections. Those elections were held, with the only real speed bump being the murder of Benazir Bhutto. A four-paryt coalition was formed, and it was hoped that Pakistan could find its way to a measure of stability.

Well, so much for that.

The Muslim world's only nuclear power is again looking at political turmoil as Nawaz Sharif, leader of the second-largest member of the coalition, withdrew his party from the unity government. The issue was the reinstatement of the 60 judges dismissed by Musharraf last year, a move that saw lawyers rioting in the streets (and you know it's bad when the lawyers riot).

So, while we wait for the dust to settle and for new power realities to assert themselves in Karachi and Islamabad, let's review.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and recently tested a missile capable of hurling Da Bomb about 1200 miles.

Pakistan is currently politically unstable.

Pakistan's northwestern provinces are strongholds of the Taliban and al Qaeda, and are off-limits to American incursions, so bin Laden's boys have the safety and sanctuary they need to retool, revamp and come out swinging again.

Going to be a beeotch of a summer.

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