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Wednesday, May 21

Teh US has 27,000 in secret prisons and teh legal process is rigged

Next, read or listen to this episode where Amy Goodman interviews Clive Stafford Smith, an attorney for over 50 detainees at Guantanamo Bay and feel that sinking feeling in your gut... know that this is utter and complete bullshit and that even with the US holding 27,000 prisoners in secret prisons overseas and transporting prisoners to Iraqi prisons in order to avoid scrutiny by the press, terrorists keep being born and acts of terrorism aren't ending. Just who are these people and are they really terrorists? Who the hell are these "terrorists?" It appears that they are not the war criminal types the US prosecuted in Nuremberg. No, they are people like the guy who was supposedly OBL's driver and maybe one of the hundreds of 20th hijackers. oy vay.

Mr Smith went on to explain how Col. Morris Davis the chief prosecutor in Gitmo testified to how the process is rigged.... and we're still torturing prisoners, BTW. Big time.

"He said that he been told by a senior Bush administration official that there would be and there could be no acquittals in Guantanamo. In other words, everyone has to be convicted.

"...Colonel Davis said we really ought to ban the use of evidence that’s been extracted through abuse and torture, such as waterboarding, from Guantanamo trials, because it’s still being used down there. And then, indeed, one of my clients, Benyam Mohammed, it’s all they have got on him, is evidence that they extracted from him after taking him to Morocco and torturing him with a razor blade to his genitals. So this is just a—it’s a farce."

Despite all the evidence that shows that torture does not produce accurate testimony, teh US continues teh charade.

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