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Thursday, May 22

Oh thank goddess

Dr Susan Orr (not an MD) has stepped down as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services. She's the one who called contraceptives part of the "Culture of Death." You see, it isn't all about being anti-abortion for many people, it's about forcing couples who have sex to have children whether they want them or not. How simple life would be if women didn't get pregnant in the first place (unless they wanted to, of course) , but with the ridiculous "Abstinence only education" failing miserably in the south and so many pregnant teenagers running around, this could be nothing but a good thing for Dr Orr to resign.

Orr was against government health insurance plans covering contraception. She advocated against birth control and planned parenthood. She was the principal and adjunct professor at Regent University, was affiliated with Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. With her gone perhaps those who are against abortion will have to understand that family planning is essential when it comes to lowering the abortion rate in this country. No matter what, you can't make people not have sex, not even conservatives.

As someone who grew up Catholic in the days of no birth control allowed, I can attest that Catholic families had way too many children back in the day. Families struggled immensely and many of the kids didn't get the attention they needed. Here in suburbia where I grew up, it's not like you needed 8 kids to work the family farm, you just added to the congestion and traffic in a once lovely island and overcrowded the schools.

We had 50-60 kids in each class and just about one kid from every family in every grade in the school. Back in the day, most dad's could be the sole bread winner and have a job for life. If mom needed to work she took in more laundry or babysitting so she could keep an eye on the brood. In today's economy and job insecurity, how can someone in their right mind advocate for the way things were in the 1950's and 60's? You simply cannot sanely support corporations who treat employees like transients and cheat the hard working people out of a good living wage while expecting families to flourish. Let's get real here. Too many children go to bed hungry every night and that is NOT family values.

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