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Friday, May 16

From the "I thought he was dead and/or irrelevant" files

OBL's new message: Bin Laden says the fight for the Palestinian cause is the most important factor driving al-Qaida's war with the West and fueled the Sept. 11 attacks.

Now just wait there a minute. I thought that he said that 9/11 was for the US having troops stationed in Saudi Arabia. This reminds me of the US bombing the shit out of Iraq for having weapons of mass destruction but then the story changing to "Saddam was a bad man and had to be taken out," so rather than sending in special forces to take him out, we'll just blow up as much of the country as possible."

What irks me about OBL's statement, if it really is his statement and if there actually is an organized al Qaida, is that while the Arab countries are furious with what is happening to the Palestinians, they don't do squat for them. Palestine's shooting missiles into Israel isn't furthering their cause at all and it's making it worse for innocent Palestinians.

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