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Saturday, May 17

Bush pivots to Arab side of Mideast peace dispute

That headline over at Yahoo News really caught my attention. It says that bush is talking to leaders in the mideast. Of course those leaders are already his friends, somewhat.

He visited with Mubarek and since Egypt was the first Arab nation to make nice with Israel, perhaps according to this article, "The Egyptian leader, nearly three decades in power, could be an unlikely partner for Bush's push to spread freedom in the Middle East." The problem with that sentence however is that we don't know which definition of 'spreading freedom' the author meant- the bushista definition which means "to bomb the living shit out of a nation, to bring them to their knees and destroy their infrastructure so that American corporations can "rebuild" it OR to open talks with perceived enemies or perceived allies and negotiate (which is also known as appeasement by this administration.)

Gosh it's hard to read an article these days and know how to understand ordinary phrases. Should we take it as a sane interpretation or the bushista interpretation which seems to always spell some sort of militaristic destructive tendency?

According to the article, things in Egypt aren't all that peachy (god forbid you criticize Mubarek there), but nevertheless, the US will still send $1.3 billion in aid to Egypt. It appears that if you make nice with Israel, you will be rewarded.

Bush didn't visit Palestine and said nothing about it while in Israel except that the Palestinians would have a state by 2068. When Bush visited his buddies in Saudi Arabia, comments from "Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal about Bush's speech suggested that the Arabs think that Bush is still tilting far too much towards Israel"
"We are all aware of the special U.S.-Israeli relation and its political dimensions," he said. "It is, however, important also to affirm the legitimate and political rights of the Palestinian people."

He also sharply criticized Israel for the "humanistic suffering weighed upon the West Bank and Gaza Strip population" of Palestinians. He said Israel's "continued policy of expanding settlements on Palestinian territories" undermines the peace process.
There is no comment from bush. There was no negotiating and no progress concerning Palestine. Bush took swipes at Obama from Israel and that was about all the "toughness" he displayed. BFD

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