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Tuesday, May 27

Blonde's Eye Movie Review: Recount

I probably shouldn't have watched "Recount" an HBO movie with Kevin Spacey that recounts the dreaded days following the 2000 election. It just re-infuriates me. But it is a very good movie that everyone in America who votes should watch (if you have access to HBO.)

Most people don't know what really happened in Florida that year and think that Gore and the Democrats were just whining because they lost. It was much more than that when you look at the facts and for those of us who looked at the facts 8 years ago know that Al Gore didn't get a fair recount in Florida in 2000 and learned why politicians need particular judges. This movie is important for those who really didn't follow the story originally. They need to get the facts because once again, we're having an election and it's clear that our votes really don't count when it comes to extreme politics.

Check out this piece with Charlie Rose discussing "Recount"
It's shorter than the movie and gives you a pretty good picture of what happened in 2000.

This review of Recount at the Orlando Sentinel is very good too.

May I add that Laura Dern as Katherine Harris was priceless and worth the price of admission?

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