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Tuesday, May 20

A big day for Obama! Who do you like better? Ron Paul or Barack Obama.

I have a feeling that the majority of our readers are probably not Ron Paul supporters. I did quite a few "HURRAY RON PAUL!" posts when he first surfaced as a candidate. I understood the backlash completely. He's a republican candidate (well, not really) and "no more republicans - no exceptions". I really hate that it has to be this way. NOT FAIR! But I still like him the best, so here's my last hurrah (maybe) for Ron Paul. I just don't understand why he is still running. Is it because he IS #1 with the majority of people? Will his name still be on the ballot? Could he possibly get the most votes? Do those votes count?

Did you know.....Ron Paul continually receives more campaign donations from the military than any other candidate? Really - he does. Here is the breakdown

You do know that the media continually suppresses Ron Paul.

PEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO about google trends - WOW!

There are a few "honorable mentions" from some of the talking heads:

NPR had a wonderful segment on Talk of the Nation this past weekend. Have a listen to Ron Paul's 'Revolution' Yes there is a plug for his book 'The Revolution: A Manifesto' - for good reasons......

It's #1 on the NYTimes (non-fiction) bestsellers and it was #1 on Amazon when it first came out

I wish more people would listen to him. HE MAKES SO MUCH SENSE:

Maybe MTV's Aimee Allen's HOT new video will get the revolution going:

Good Luck Barack!


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