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Monday, May 12

America's Mood Swing

Not since 1973 have so many Americans agreed that our country is off on the wrong track.

82% of Americans have awakened according to a new ABC News/Washington Post Poll. (I hope it wasn't too rude an awakening, but then again, many of us have been waiting around for this to happen.)

The president's low approval rating has remained steady for the second year. Not only is the approval rating around 31 percent, 52 percent of Americans strongly dissaprove of the president and only 15 percent strongly approve. (Those who strongly approve must be war profiteers or completely idiotic.) Oh wait. They are Republicans. 69% of Republicans think the prez is doing a heck of a job.

Consumer confidence is at its lowest since 1985.
For the second year in a row nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the War on Iraq was not worth fighting for.

Election poll results will be online at 6:30 PM

Republican type friends of mine who may read this, do not have to apologize to me for being douchebags for the past 5 years. I feel Jesus in my heart today and you are already forgiven. I'm just happy that the great wake up has begun.

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