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Sunday, April 27


I became aware of this story from All Spin Zone's Richard Blair

"Riots in Denver, the Democrat (sic) Convention would see to it that we don't elect Democrats," Limbaugh said during Wednesday's radio broadcast. He then went on to say that's the best thing that could happen to the country.


Limbaugh said with massive riots in Denver, which he called part of "Operation Chaos," the people on the far left would look bad.

"There won't be riots at our convention," Limbaugh said of the Republican National Convention. "We don't riot. We don't burn our cars. We don't burn down our houses. We don't kill our children. We don't do half the things the American left does."

He believes electing Democrats will hurt America's security and economy and appeared to call on his listeners to make sure that doesn't happen.

"We do, hopefully, the right thing for the sake of this country. We're the only one in charge of our affairs. We don't farm out our defense if we elect Democrats ... and riots in Denver, at the Democratic Convention will see to it we don't elect Democrats. And that's the best damn thing that can happen to this country, as far as I can think," Limbaugh said. From TheDenverChannel
Pretty radical words from the right... and considering he's talking about the "left" being the radicals, he sounds like he is inciting a riot at the DNC. Of course I first thought he meant the US military when he spoke of killing children and burning houses and cars.

As far as I know, there are no riots planned for Democrats for me to attend in Denver and I'm a pretty vocal anti-Republican. Operation Chaos? Who is behind this thing? I suspect that someone is trying to get the Democratic voters all worked up into a frenzy (probably Barack Obama supporters). I can't imagine Limbaugh's listeners, with their sedentary, fat, white asses going to Denver to pretend to be Democrats and risk being arrested for rioting. If he has any skinhead listeners, as I suspect he does, then perhaps there is something to be concerned about.
Radical fascists could incite a riot at a protest outside the convention. It's happened before. think 1968. Since it didn't happen in NYC at the RNC in 2004, I suspect Limbaugh is blowing wishful thinking out his big fat ass.

Regardless, Rush Limbaugh ought to be investigated by the Colorado AG and the Dept of Homeland Security to find out what "Operation Chaos" is. But surely he won't be given all the passes he's gotten for his illegal activities. Inciting a riot is only something to be investigated if a black person, a Muslim or a liberal does it. If a liberal radio host said the same thing, he or she'd be in jail by now.

Any protesting that ought to be done ought to take place outside his radio studio.

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