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Sunday, April 13


John McCain screws up the difference between Shiite and Sunni - four times.

Barack Obama chooses the wrong word in a speech.

Hilary Clinton takes a shot of whisky.

Surprise! Your Presidential candidates ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

That's right, folks; these people didn't pass through a membrane from another reality, or materialize in some mad scientist's laboratory. They were born Americans, educated in America and American voters are putting them in a position to contend for the highest elected office.

So we expect these people to be cold and remorseless as the Terminator and as calculating as a Mentat, not to mention as bone-chillingly precise in everything they do or say as Data. I've got news for those people who expect that kind of behavior from a human being.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

No way.

To be blunt, I like the fact that these people are making mistakes or indulging in innocent pleasures like a tot of the liquor. It makes them more approachable (and in Hilary's case, I can completely understand her need for a nip).

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