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Sunday, April 27

Sharpton vows to "close this city"

Massive civil disobedience is being planned after the 3 cops were acquitted of killing Sean Bell. meanwhile, Feds are considering a criminal case:
A federal lawsuit against the city and the five cops involved in the shooting that took the life of Sean Bell will be on hold until the Department of Justice decides whether it will bring a separate criminal case, according to attorneys for Bell's family.

The lawsuit, filed in July 2007 in federal court in Brooklyn, had already been held in abeyance awaiting Friday's verdict in the criminal case against three of the cops involved in the Nov. 25, 2006, shooting.

Saturday, attorneys Sanford Rubenstein and Michael Hardy, who are representing the plaintiffs, said that the federal civil rights lawsuit won't proceed until federal prosecutors in Brooklyn decide whether a criminal case will be filed under the civil rights law.

The lawsuit names as defendants the city, the NYPD and Cooper, Oliver and Isnora, as well as officers Paul Headley and Michael Cary. Though no specific damage amount was claimed when the case was filed, an earlier notice of claim given to the city specified $50 million.

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