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Sunday, April 13

Paranoia meets Conspiracy

Paranoia Inc.

I heard Kilroy has been watching us since WWII. Maybe that explains the conspiracy stuff. Be that as it may, I think I may have a NEW one for ya! And it’s one you can all check out.

I heat with propane (lot cheaper and more efficient than natural gas). One of the major differences I’ve noticed is the condition of the bottoms of pots and pans. With natural gas, regardless of what the claims are from the NG Companies, there is a residue or carbon or stain buildup on the bottoms of pans that are constantly exposed to the flame. Now, washing regularly cleans the pans but the residue builds and unless you use a stainless steel scrubber each time the incremental buildup is small but noticeable after a period of time. You’ll notice that buildup particularly on copper bottomed pans. I know there’s some oxidation because of the copper and that’s normal.

BUT…over the last 8 to10 months, I’ve noticed a buildup of residue much quicker than in the past. I make sure my pipes are sealed; all were new; and I ALWAYS check for leaks! But there has been a noticeable increase in the junk on the bottoms of our pans this last year. If your stove is properly working, and ours is, there should be little accumulation on the pans and that has been true for over 10 years. If the gas (natural or propane) isn’t quite, how would you say, clean or contains contaminants or some other additive, the resulting flame may be yellowish instead of straight blue. Even with no discoloration of the flame, natural gas causes some buildup. Suddenly it seems, over the last year, that build up is significantly faster and greater.

The other question is about the gasoline that we all have to buy from Greedimus Maximus . We have two cars and both are kept as efficient for mileage as possible; new and clean plugs; clean air and gas filter; properly (nitrogen) inflated good tires; reasonable driving speeds. I keep track of the quantity, cost and mileage I get in our cars and over the last year gas mileage in both cars, one a Chevy Aveo that originally got 35 mpg and an older Monte Carlo that got 24 mpg, has decreased significantly. The Aveo now gets 28 to 30 and the Monte gets 18 to 20 for the same type of driving. Again, when both are tuned regularly, mileage goes up briefly by only 10% then drops quickly. Coincidence?

Here comes the conspiracy part! If nothing has changed except age of the engine, then why the large decrease in gas mileage? If this were just our cars, I might understand. But there is a small group of us “nuts” that has been checking this for the last 6 months and ALL the results are the same. In every case, every car has lost gas mileage and the cars differ in make and year.

What’s even more coincidental is that this started when gas prices started climbing again. Hmmm?

Now I certainly couldn’t prove that something cheap has been added to our gas by Greedy Oil Inc. but I will suggest it based on the previous information I presented. And again I can understand the change here in Pa. for gas-added drek to “reduce” pollutants between June and September but this goes way beyond any reduction in mileage I’ve experience over the last 30 years.

The propane seems to be causing quicker and more “dirt” buildup on our pots and pans and this too has recently happened. For 10 years, we’ve never had to scrub the bottoms as hard as these last 8 or 9 months.

So the question is this: For any of you chemical experts out there: Is it possible to include an additive, an extremely CHEAP additive, to gasoline that will allow Big Oil to cheat us out of a full gallon of gas; to increase their greed? There are already detergents in each gallon that aren’t gasoline and aren’t used to make the engine operate (like putting fiber in your bran cereal – not needed). So when you pay for a gallon of gas, you don’t get a full gallon of gasoline, you get less because of the additives (to help your car run better so they say!). Maybe someone knows what percentage of detergents make up that gallon we’re paying for but only getting a part of. If chemicals can be added to a gallon of gas and it still works in a car, how much cheap junk can be added until mileage is noticeably affected? Do you think that the gas companies would consider “watering down” the gas with something cheaper to increase their profits! Oh My! Just like adding water to laundry and dishwashing detergents and reducing the size?

If they are adding drek to the gas to lower the mpg to sell more gas, then making Detroit produce cars with higher ratings is useless and nothing is gained by us and gas profits are guaranteed for the next 30 years. Could there be …collusion…involved between Greedy Oil and the Auto makers to shaft Congress for wanting Detroit to make cars get more mpg? Ford makes a car that gets 35 mpg by 2020 and Big Oil’s gallon of gas only has 75% gasoline so you still pay the same as the 28 mpg’er you have now! What a deal!

Anyone else notice this?

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