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Thursday, April 24

oh god. I feel a rant coming on

We do live in a futuristic dystopian novel in America in the 21st Century. Gosh the century is a couple of years old and already it's happening with a bang. Bring on the apes, for god's sake.

Rupert Murdoch is moving in on my local paper, Newsday which is owned by the Chicago Tribune. Newsday is one of the nation's largest newspapers (remember that Long Island is more populated than 19 states on a measly 1400 square miles.) I was hoping that the government would step in and stop this foreigner from buying yet another NY newspaper or even any more US media for that matter. He owns the crappy NY Post and recently purchased The Wall St Journal. I subscribe to the Journal and the Newsday. It is really bugging me that yet another one of my morning reads will fall into fascist hands. I used to get the Times but got really pissed off at them in the lead up to the Iraq war and canceled my subscription. I read it online. Like today. Maybe I should just go green and read the news online and skip the clutter on my kitchen table.

More icky news
According to the NY Times: "Mortimer B. Zuckerman, owner of The Daily News, the arch rival of The Post, will make a counteroffer next week." Oh great, another crappy newspaper owner wants the Newsday. aargh. The NY Daily News is a local tabloid like the Post and can't even give away that paper. They call all the time begging us to receive it for free. As if. Doesn't anyone with integrity and fairness want us?

Someone told me I was an elitist recently because of my disdain at Murdoch buying our local paper. feh. If I wanted to read a tabloid, then I would pick one up at the supermarket checkout to see who goes along with those fat thighs on the cover or who had a baby with an alien/animal hybrid.

But seriously, how long until NY goes "red?"

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