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Monday, April 28

KKKarl Rove's Advice to Obama

Mr Rove wrote a letter to Obama in the Newsweek advising him on how to connect with the regular people. Of course while no one is as 'elite' as any of the Bush's, Rove explains to Barack how to overcome the "elitist" label. It only makes half sense.

"Even liberal commentators who adore you warn you can't win with a McGovern coalition of college students and white-wine sippers from the party's left wing. Saying small-town voters cling to guns, faith and xenophobia because of economic bitterness hurt you; it reinforced the growing sense you don't share Middle America's values. So did asking about the price of arugula in Iowa, dismissing the "true" patriotism of people who wear a flag lapel pin, being "friendly" (as your chief strategist, David Axelrod, put it) with a violent, unrepentant '60s radical and having a close relationship with an angry pastor who expressed anti-American sentiments."
All of the above were blown out of proportion by the so called "liberal media." Furthermore, Rove is implying that American's can't take the truth. I say that they can take the truth, but they are not getting it because the pundits are creating a class war and pretending that they know how regular Americans feel, when in fact they don't have a clue.
"You argue the son of a single working mom can't be an elitist. But it's not where you start in life; it's where you end up. After a prestigious prep school, Columbia and Harvard, you've ended up with the values of Cambridge, San Francisco and Hyde Park. So you're doing badly in Scranton, Youngstown and Erie, where ordinary Americans live."

Again. Hogwash. Ordinary Americans voted for Bush. If in fact they voted for him because they felt he was a reverse elitist, then America is more fucked up than anyone could ever have imagined. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that Barack is black and racism is still alive and well in America today.

What really happened in the last 2 elections aside from the vote tampering, is that the so called "liberal media" or "government media" as I see it, actually brainwashed, through repetition, regular Americans into voting for a dufus. It was a gigantic slap in the face to most Americans who didn't even have a clue that the bushistas were making fun of them. Voting for an alcoholic you'd like to have a beer with was pure politics and had no bearing on what real Americans want. In actuality, if the pundits ranted that Americans wanted to vote for someone who was smarter than they are, Bush would have lost the elections by a landslide.

Go ahead and read Rove's Six points of advice to Barack Obama. I'll wait here.
He has a couple of good points which I disagree with anyway. And don't forget that "elitists" read Newsweek. "Regular" Americans read Time. I don't understand why Rove thinks his opinion would get anywhere in Newsweek.

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