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Monday, April 28

The Jeremiah Wright Factor...

At the beginning of the primary season, I really considered Barack Obama for President. Those were the days when I heard audio that I could not differentiate Obama from a white person.
I really liked his message. Along the way however, I decided to support Hillary Clinton. We have an old saying: "It is bad with bad, but it's a lot worse without the bad". The problem I had was that I did not know Obama, and I still don't.

Through the campaign, I realized, Obama is a genuine person, a real human being, yet he is not defined. To day, I have serious doubts about him. Perhaps we're used to knowing candidates for President way before their campaign. Still, he has shown me no emotion. I don't doubt his sincerity; he really seems to mean what he says, but does not connect with me. You're allowed to differ.

Now comes is Jeremiah Wright, like a loose cannon, destroying everything this man (Obama) is standing for. From the beginning of his campaign, he tried very hard to avoid the racial issue, yet Wright brings it all back into the limelight. As I said from the beginning, I don't support Obama, because I don't trust the American people, to be able to overcome the racial issue. And I don't want the Democrats lose in November. We can't afford it.

Jeremiah Wright's demeanor, taps into the darkest emotions of the African-American audience: slavery. That is how he built his flock from 70 people to 6000 in 40 years. His sermons constituted one great affront to everything this nation stands for.
He speaks some truths that may resonate with some of us, but basically his sermons are a justification, supported by lines from the Bible of a black uprising. Once you differentiate your race from others, you're a racist.

When he cites the Government as an evil entity, he means all governments from Washington to G.W Bush. This is an anti-authority rhetoric, fueling people's darkest feelings and emotions about society. The unfortunate twist to all this is that his present rhetoric he taps into the darkest emotions of the white people in this country which Barack tried to avoid so hard for so long. This is what we were not looking for.

After watching Jeremiah Wright on television these past few days, I believe he is a self centered, narcissistic, ego maniac, with an ego bigger than the Sun.

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