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Thursday, April 24

The Global Food Crisis -- (excuse me while I put my tinfoil hat on for a moment.....)

....I’m hoping it will stop my head from spinning. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. I got caught up in a few articles this morning:

The End Is Nigh and The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population

After reading these, am I the only one who is thinking about going out to the grocery store and buying up as much food as I can afford, you know....“just in case”? Probably not. I really hope people don’t start going too crazy like last time with the duct tape and plastic wrap. But can you imagine when people start over reacting to these stories? I'm glad I happened upon Colbert’s Global Food Shortage episode before I went on to read more -he just does. me. in!!

I am a bit concerned though. When you start reading up on biofuels, biodiesel, corn, ethanol, BIG TIME SUBSIDIES to farmers to grow corn, etc., etc., etc., you really begin to wonder. I do at least.

Of course, the first question I have is who started this? I’ve read it’s those liberals and I’ve read it’s the bush administration. I also wonder, like Stephen does, why this isn’t huge news?
(excuse me while I tighten my hat) but this sure seems like some really fucked up nonsense going on here. What’s wrong with subsidizing our farmers to grow food for it’s citizens so we can BUY LOCAL and not be dependent upon anybody for anything -- WTF AM I MISSING HERE??

Who’s zooming who?

Even Yahoo has an open question on this:
Why are people calling this a food shortage?

Here is more related commentary --

Up to 10% of biofuel exports from the US to Europe are believed to be part of the rogue scheme reaping big profits for agricultural trading firms.

The "splash and dash" scam involves shipping biodiesel from Europe to the US where a dash of fuel is added, allowing traders to claim 11p a litre of US subsidy for the entire cargo. It is then shipped back and sold below domestic prices, undercutting Europe's biofuel industry.

The trade is not illegal, but flouts the spirit of producing green fuel by transporting it needlessly across the Atlantic at a time when campaigners are voicing concern about emissions from global shipping.

The Hidden Agenda behind the Bush Administration's Bio-Fuel Plan

Twenty In Ten: Strengthening America's Energy Security

Ethanol And Hunger
(Iowa farmers and the politicians who love them (for the record, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support the biofuels subsidies while John McCain opposes them) will tell you that it's not just ethanol driving up the price of corn.)

Obama and Lugar introduce 'American Fuels Act' (2006) READ THE COMMENTS - you may think differently about Obama afterwards.

So, FUBAR or what???? THIS IS INSANE
That’s what sparked an investigation last year by the European Biodiesel Board into a practice that was an open secret among biofuel firms. The EBB has been making noises since late last year about taking the dispute to the World Trade Organization, and wants the European Union to retaliate with import duties on U.S. biofuel.

US dumping of biofuels will ruin us, says UK firm

Blame on both the US and EU from e-citizen
Some More Mud Pancakes? --Who’s to blame? - The US and the EU who insanely subsidise their agricultural exports which has progressively destroyed little farm exploitations in poor countries as they could no longer face this unfair price competition…

Our little tiny western farmer population is hence doing rather good while the vast majority of farmers in the rest of the world…well…is eating mud pancakes


THEY ARE ALL ZOOMING US - The politics of biofuels

The Ethanol Scam

The Carlyle Group and Riverstone Holdings, to Fund Development of the First World-Scale Bioethanol Plant in the U.K.

Bush's Biofuel Scam


don't forget about the water thing -

Why politics, not science, is driving the biofuels boomSo, not only are biofuels an energy inefficient way to burn food, but they could lead to a future water crisis. David Trouba, a spokesman for the Stockholm International Water Institute, put it very well. He asked: “Where will the water to grow the food needed to feed a growing population come from if more and more water is diverted to crops for biofuels production?"

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