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Wednesday, April 16

And in Long Island News

Gosh. This is supposed to be one of the safest places to live.

Bullet that hit North Bellport boy meant for dad
An eleven year old boy was shot in the face while inside his home. Pit bulls were found and cops think that there was a dog fighting connection.

The Pope is deeply ashamed of the sex scandal in the church. Our local bishop was a former aid in the Boston sex scandal. People are calling for the bishop's ouster. I have to say that I quit donating money to the church when he came to the diocese. But then I gave up religion altogether shortly afterward.

Westbury clown accused of having kiddie porn
Nice to know that a local clown is a perv. He lives way on the other side of town from moi.

Dad falls to death from Shea Stadium escalator
He may have been surfing on the escalator. The Mets won, a kid has no more daddy.

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