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Thursday, March 13

Yay for New York

Call me a racist if you will because I really don't care. I'm rather sick of sighted white men in politics in any party. Color me rosy because I am thrilled that we are getting a new governor in New York State who's legally blind and black. David Paterson. He sounds fine to me. I mean, what the hell can you expect from a politician anyway?

I'm also officially sick of Eliot Spitzer and his prostitute. Is his sex life the new national obsession? Is he the new Britney? I am highly suspect of any other politicians who rag on him for his indiscretions as it turned out that the one's who hit Clinton the hardest were cheating on their wives at the same time. If anything, the pundits ought to go after Spitzer's politics, policies and law bending and not waste breath on his sexual escapades, as if they are so pure.

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