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Thursday, March 27

Wright Effect had Wrong Effect for Hillary

Not that I believe in polls or anything, but after reading No apparent ‘Wright effect’ in new NBC/WSJ poll I see that Obama's popularity hasn't diminished among Democrats but Hillary's has. Republicans who once supported Obama, unsurprisingly, are a bit taken back by it all. Clinton's negative campaigning is taking its toll on her.

I'm surprised she took the low road knowing what she knows about politics first hand- the low road works for conservatives but not for progressives. Whose side is she on anyway? But then again, we can't really trust the press to report anything accurately, so who the hell knows?

This blonde would be happy to see no more religion bashing in politics. If candidate's pastors or religious beliefs are going to be scrutinized as a regular feature of seeking office, things will get so dirty, so nasty and so low that it will take a revolution to stop the madness... and this crap is going on with 3 supposed Christians, mind you. Just goes to show that a theocracy would never work in this country.

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