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Monday, March 31

A woman would have to be crazy to enlist in the military

It's a dirty boys club. It stinks and I'm writing letters.

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) writes in the LA Times:

Women serving in the U.S. military are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.
A female military recruit is pinned down at knifepoint and raped repeatedly in her own barracks. Her attackers hid their faces but she identified them by their uniforms; they were her fellow soldiers. During a routine gynecological exam, a female soldier is attacked and raped by her military physician. Yet another young soldier, still adapting to life in a war zone, is raped by her commanding officer.
At the heart of this crisis is an apparent inability or unwillingness to prosecute rapists in the ranks. According to DOD statistics, only 181 out of 2,212 subjects investigated for sexual assault in 2007, including 1,259 reports of rape, were referred to courts-martial, the equivalent of a criminal prosecution in the military. Another 218 were handled via nonpunitive administrative action or discharge, and 201 subjects were disciplined through "nonjudicial punishment," which means they may have been confined to quarters, assigned extra duty or received a similar slap on the wrist. In nearly half of the cases investigated, the chain of command took no action; more than a third of the time, that was because of "insufficient evidence."
The absence of rigorous prosecution perpetuates a culture tolerant of sexual assault — an attitude that says “boys will be boys.”
"Boys will be boys" my ass. What the hell is wrong with our country? Doesn't anyone bother to psychologically evaluate enlistees? I still maintain that if you know anyone who is considering enlisting in the military, tie them up until their urge goes away. It's for their own good. They'll thank you one day.

Do not support the military industrial complex. Write your congress critters, your newspapers and make a stink. Wanna serve your country? Start writing.

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