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Tuesday, March 18

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Ah Jeez. Do I have to wake up to this on the cover of the morning paper?

My new governor is a cheater. Look at his wife's face. Good Lord!

Did he use taxpayer money to pay for illicit sex? No.

Good. Let's leave it at that.


And from Dirruk in the Netherlands: "This is how we in the eastern part of of the western world, view the U.S.A., according to an article in Spiegel Online."
Why Sex Scandals Are Good for American Democracy
America's two main parties are suffering from the erotic escapades of some of their top politicians. As embarrassing as they are for those involved, the revelations are good for democracy. They expose a particularly audacious type of politician: the hypocrite whose supposed virtue is nothing but a sham.

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