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Friday, March 21

"Right now a scary place to be is in the middle"

That's my quote for the day!

It's from this TIME article: Retail Stars of the Recession

One of my biggest gripes over the past few years has been the quality of practically everything I purchase, be it necessities or "extras". EVERYTHING IS MADE LIKE CRAP. EVERYTHING BREAKS WITHIN 6 MONTHS. EVERYTHING I EAT TASTES LIKE SHIT. ...and so on, and so on, and so on. Seems like I am constantly saying "if I could only find a half-way decent product or food item that didn't break or tasted somewhat palatable, I would pay the extra. By pay the "extra" I mean a few dollars more because I can't afford much more than the already ridiculously priced items out there. looks like it's not going to get much better for us folks "in the middle".

According to the TIME article --

"If you have your product right, you want to be high-end or value."

I have been a value shopper my entire life and have always been able to find a decent, well made, built to last (more than 6 months) product that didn't break the bank. NOT ANYMORE.

At the link, take a look at some retailers predicted to "sail easily over the bumpy financial seas ahead"......

I'm sure you can guess who's first up on the list.

That's right folks - MORE CHEAP CRAP FROM CHINA

and the beat goes on.......

La de da de de........

la de da de da

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