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Monday, March 17

The Old Double Standard.

Before anyone goes on the "Rev. Wright just ruined Obama's chances for being president," bandwagon, let's consider how the right wing evangelists summed up America's sins. They make it sound like American's are doing it in the streets and killing babies for folly. Don't forget all the horrible things that right wing evangelists said about our country when 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina destroyed NOLA- laying the blame squarely on particular "sinners" but not on the politics, policies and outright neglect that made these events all the more horrific because they could have been less catastrophic had those we pay taxes for to look out for shit like this not had their heads up their butts.

Oh wait, evangelists make up the voting block for the GOP- so they get a pass from the MSM. Churches like Obama's make up the base of the Democrats, therefore they are fair game.

I direct you to this piece by Frank Schaeffer, the son of radical preacher Francis Schaeffer, the darling of the right. If this story were to make it to the MSM, perhaps the talking heads would STFU.

Obama's Minister Committed "Treason"
But When My Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero
Posted March 16, 2008 | 04:23 PM (EST)

When Senator Obama's preacher thundered about racism and injustice Obama suffered smear-by-association. But when my late father -- Religious Right leader Francis Schaeffer -- denounced America and even called for the violent overthrow of the US government, he was invited to lunch with presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr.

Every Sunday thousands of right wing white preachers (following in my father's footsteps) rail against America's sins from tens of thousands of pulpits. They tell us that America is complicit in the "murder of the unborn," has become "Sodom" by coddling gays, and that our public schools are sinful places full of evolutionists and sex educators hell-bent on corrupting children. They say, as my dad often did, that we are, "under the judgment of God." They call America evil and warn of immanent destruction. By comparison Obama's minister's shouted "controversial" comments were mild. All he said was that God should damn America for our racism and violence and that no one had ever used the N-word about Hillary Clinton.


(Personally, I felt that Rev. Wright's comments were biblically sound, and since this IS a "christian" country, I don't know what the hoopla was all about except to maybe point out that Americans, even those so-called "progressive," are generally a bunch of racists after all.)

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