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Monday, March 17

The Morning Benders - WAITING FOR A WAR

This is dedicated to all my fellow cubicle dwellers out there

it feels less important when you want to wait it out
i had enough......

either give me what i want or put me on the street
i'm getting tired
of living my life like nothing's happening

talk is cheap but lies are even cheaper
so it's really me
i want you to count the ways
you can make it up to me
i'm getting tired
of everybody talking and not doing a thing

here i am in the graveyard waiting for a war

.....there's nothing left to talk about but there's plenty left to do and if it's all the same to me you know it'll be different to you

To help you get through this manic Monday that is upon us, Check out Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle!!

and remember........

Cubicle walls do not offer much protection from any kind of gun fire.

1920 Attack and Bombing of Wall Street

(visit The Morning Bender's myspace) and don't forget to circle May 6th on your calendar so you can be first in line to get their new CD "Talking Through Tin Cans")

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