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Monday, March 17

Missing The Point Yet Again

I was a little concerned to see the teaser headline: US: New anti-Semitism emerging. If there's anything this presidential primary season has taught me, it's that we have not moved beyond race and gender issues, and certainly we are nowhere close to being past religion (especially of the Islamic variety). When I saw the headline, I assumed the article was going to be about the rise of hate crimes directed to Jews. Not so much.

But then I read the first paragraph of the article:

"New forms of anti-Semitism are emerging around the world, promoting prejudice against Jews by attacking Israeli policy and Zionism, the philosophic underpinning of a Jewish state, the State Department reported Thursday." (emphasis mine)

That's the US State Department folks. It is now the official foreign policy of the US government that criticism of Israel is strictly verboten.

Got that? If you criticize the Israeli government or question Zionism, you are anti-Semitic.

That is all.

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