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Wednesday, March 26

Meanwhile, while the scandaldates are squabbling:

There's a post over at Cryptogon where the headline sorta says it all:
"Wall Street Journal on Real Estate Collapse: 'Demolish some of the least-wanted houses, with taxpayer money if necessary'"
to which a commenter attaches a comment, "US is being sold off." and a link to where you will find such juicy tidbits as:

Sound recording industries 97%
Commodity contracts dealing 79%
Motion picture and sound recording industries 75%
Metal ore mining 65%
Motion picture and video industries 64%
Wineries and distilleries 64%
Database, directory, and other publishers 63%
Book publishers 63%

Foreign Financing of U.S. Government Debt
Japan $517.2 Bn
China $405.5 Bn
United Kingdom $299.7 Bn
Brazil $128.8 Bn
Oil Exporters $126.7 Bn
Luxembourg $76.3 Bn
Hong Kong $54.3 Bn

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