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Wednesday, March 26

Just a thought

I got a chance yesterday to talk with a group of "undecideds" here in Western Pa. about the presidential race. These were people, mostly women, who couldn’t make it to Hillary’s Speech in Pittsburgh but were interested enough to gather at a local watering hole to watch just like guys watch sports. (The bartender is a friend who objected at first to changing the channel but changed his mind deciding discretion the better part of valor). Most were split on their opinions and impressions of the two Democratic candidates but all totally abhorred McShame.

The vast majority of these were women. There were only 3 men. I was sitting at a table close enough to be involved but far enough to stay out of the way until the speech was over. Women at a local pub during the day! Quite a site. But I was told they had planned this in advance.

Not much was said during the speech. Maybe a few grunts or “yeahs” and one or two "bullshits" but basically they sat and listened until it was over.

Afterward one woman asked about the Wright incident and whether that would affect how the others felt toward Obama. The ones who said yes (about 4 or 5) admitted to only getting their news and information from the 3 major networks. A few said they watched cable, mostly CNN and FOX. The rest were internet junkies and comments ranged from wanting facts on all the candidates’ travails to the obvious partisan coverage by the MSM. That almost brought a tear to my eye.

But one woman quieted the room with a question related to Hillary’s comment about “choosing her preacher.” She asked the other women in the room, would they still "choose" to be married to their husbands after their husbands had more than one extra-marital affair? To say you could hear a pin drop would be an understatement. Then everyone started talking at once.

The consensus was that Hillary had no business making that kind of statement with skeletons in her closet. The women commented that they thought the reason she stayed with Bill was so she could further her political ambitions. Had she divorced him, odds were high she wouldn’t have been able to run for Senator in New York. Another said that even though she heard Hillary has “money” she wanted to stay with the extra money that Bill would bring in.

I wonder just how many women out there stay with or would stay with their husbands who have had (multiple) affairs? I’ve heard the time-honored reasons of income and security, but do those apply to the upper class at a time when divorces occur simply because one spouse looks longingly at a member of the opposite sex?

They then talked about the double standard of men in that situation and especially the Republicans. They felt it was highly unfair for the media to give a pass to those who cheated on their wives, remarried and wrapped themselves in the bible. That brought about a chorus of invective comments. (Who'd have thought wimmens could have such a "manly" vocabulary!)

By the time the “discussion was over, 8 of the15 undecided women said they were inclined to vote for Obama simply based on how Hillary made the comment. The others were leaning that way.

One woman said that if she were to become president the way Hillary is trying, she sure wouldn’t just want a cigar! She then asked me what I thought about that! I told her I didn’t smoke but she could buy me a drink!

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