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Tuesday, March 18

If America listens to what they say, the war would be over tomorrow.

Again another story that many "progressive" websites won't touch upon so as not to insult those who serve our country when in fact the opposite is true: Winter Soldier: America Must Hear These Iraq Vets' Stories by Penny Coleman at
"One after another, veterans told conflicted stories, some with tears, some with rigid control, some with visible shakes, but all with hard-won moral courage and deep sorrow. John Michael Turner began his testimony by telling the audience that as far as he was concerned, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" was history. For him it is now "Eat the apple and fuck the corps." Then he tossed his dog tags into the audience saying, "Fuck you, I don't work for you no more." Turner's first confirmed kill was on April 18, 2006. He shot an Iraqi boy in front of his father. It took a second shot to kill him. He had a photograph of the boy's open skull. Turner was personally congratulated by his commanding officer, who proceeded to offer a four day pass to anyone who got a kill by stabbing one of the enemy. Turner ended with, "I am sorry for the hate and destruction that I have inflicted on innocent people. I am sorry for the things I did. I am no longer the monster that I once was.""
If everyone actually knew the horrors of war, how we teach our kids to be the devil on earth, you'd see more mothers chaining their sons (and daughters) to their bed posts until the insanity of wanting to "serve" passed or there'd be more moms and dad's working as many jobs as it takes to put their kids through trade school, college, anything so that they wouldn't fall prey to recruiters who promise kids a "bright" future.

We had to endure stupid, ignorant parents decry Cindy Sheehan's righteous outrage at the failed bush policies and the futility of war... even so called "progressives" thought she was too much. TFB. I propose a war of words on weenies who cloak themselves in the flag and shut their minds. To hell with political correctness. If a particular war is so necessary, then our president ought to be required to physically lead the troops into battle and put his money where his penis is or STFU.

If military service consisting of teaching our children to kill and maim and torture others makes them "be all that they can be," then I am living in the wrong fucking country. But wait. I'm in the right country and our leaders are in the wrong country.

See also How to Become a Concentration Camp Guard Without Even Trying
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted March 18, 2008.
A reluctant Guantanamo Bay jailer, who found himself working in that "legal black hole" at age 19, tells his shocking story.


- This post is just another rant by an American mom who didn't go through the trauma of childbirth and raising a kid according to our family values so that he could be a productive and useful member of society just so the military industrial complex could transform him into a killing machine.

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