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Friday, March 28

Here's What I Hope

I hope that Karl Rove is sweating like the pig that he is tonight. How sweet would it be for someone to prove that he was behind the prosecution of Don Siegelman? There are allegations that his fingerprints are all over the prosecution. Congress is very interested and wants to talk to the governor. And then there was that CBS piece that somehow mysteriously disappeared from the airwaves in the governor's home state. Some very interesting (in a squirrely kinda way) things went on with Siegelman's indictment, trial and sentencing.

An appeals court has now overridden the trial judge and ordered Siegelman released during his appeal (after he'd sat in prison for over a year), finding the appeal raises several "substantial questions of law and fact." That's legalese for "there's a significant chance we are going to overturn this verdict."

The court that sprung him is a very conservative federal court. Two judges signed the order, one a Clinton appointee, the other a George HW Bush appointee. One of the judges (the Bush appointee) wrote the opinion on the Alabama sex toys case that many of us might recall.* So I don't think any of us might call her one of them there librul activist judges.

There's a lot of smoke right now. I think it would be hilarious if it turned into an inferno that burned Karl's house down.

* We stand in solidarity with our vibrator-deprived sisters in Alabama.

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