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Friday, March 28

Can I Make A Suggestion?

Can we here at BlondeSense move away from all the invective and nastiness based on whom our chosen Democratic nominee might be?

Cruising the liberal blogosphere is not all that much fun right now. There is a lot of good political news (see, Seigelman, Don) that is being drowned out amongst all the screeching and biting and clawing between Clinton and Obama supporters. Obama's preacher's a racist! Hillary's a liar! Obama is using dog whistles! Hillary is playing the race card! GAH!!!

This is not healthy and it's not helpful to the real goal of getting the country back on a better trajectory than it is in right now.

The Republican house of cards assembled over the past eight (and more) years is about to come crashing down on their precious pointy heads. Nothing stands in the way of moving the country in a more progressive direction but our own inability to see the forest from amongst the trees. Threats from one candidate's supporters that they'll never vote for the other are simply silly if one sincerely believes that 7 years of King George's reign have been nothing more than an unmitigated disaster for the country and the world. We have far more in common than we have differences.*

So . . . PEACE!

And I'll start. Let me apologize to our long time reader Gaia sighs for taking in after her yesterday in one of the comment threads. It is not helpful to alienate one's allies. I was wrong and I admit it.

*And fer fuck's sake, please stop feeding the trolls. It should be pretty obvious that their goal is to cause bitterness and distrust between those who should be friends. What exactly would anyone hope to gain by arguing with them? Does anyone really think the trolls' comments "prove" anything? Do anyone really think their responses will "prove" to the trolls they are wrong? The trolls' own comments demonstrate they are cretins. Let's leave it there. Please.

(Graphic shamelessly stolen fron konagod's blog)

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