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Saturday, March 15

Blogs Against Theocracy 2008

Next weekend, March 21-23, there will be another "Blogs Against Theocracy" blogswarm. The theme is the Separation of Church and State.

Visit for details on how to participate and your post will be linked at Blog Against Theocracy's website.

I invite my fellow bloggers here to participate and let the rest of you know about this event, participate and spread the word.

It's bad enough that "religious ideals" have destroyed families and caused wars that have destroyed countries, it's time to make sure that we don't allow so called "religious values" to destroy our country as well. Our country was founded on religious freedom and it should stay that way before a civil war breaks out. What would be the chances that the bigoted snake-handlers working hard for a theocracy with our lawmakers would find a country willing to go along with their brand of "religion?"

See also this blog for inspiration.

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